[Movie][PH] I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)

TITLE:  I’m Drunk, I Love You (2017)
Directed by: JP Habac
Rating: 10/10

Lesson of the story: Beware sa mga vegan na maganda with extra H sa pangalan. 😂
“Ah, may H.”

Disclaimer: Short review. Posting here since I re-watched last week. This review is 70% fangirling, 30% seriousness. Chour.

OA ng rating no? Dapat 9.2 lang eh pero para kay Paulo Avelino, ibibigay ko lahat! Charot.

Anyway, I realized the trend with the millennial nowadays. They tend to wallow with all the ‘hugot-worthy’ in the world — graduation blues, last ride to the carefree days, youthful abandon, unrequited love, and everything else intoxicating. That’s why ‘hugot movies’ are the new trend in films these days.IDLY wasn’t just about how to get the courage to confess your seven-years long unrequited love just days before graduation but accepting adulthood and moving on. That kind of love was intoxicating but the future after graduation was getting you pumped up and scared at the same time. Confront the tension. Because time check! Move forward baks.

I don’t even need to explain further how this movie got two thumbs up on cinematography because I’ve watched too many indie films enough to say that they don’t disappoint. Indies have the best sense of art when it comes to picturesque scenes. Acting wise, didn’t expect anything more than I usually did with mainstream actors like Maja and Paulo. But but but, I saw them in a different light in here — especially Paulo *wink wink*. And Paulo in that sablay? 😋 And I was impressed with Maja. The feels, girl. The plot! Open ended but definite. They’ve confronted the tension. They’ve finally surrendered upon time check. They’ve graduated and that’s what matters. Plus, the soundtrack. I’m actually meticulous with soundtracks and I have to say IDLY nailed it. OPM guys! Spongecola, Jimmy bondoc tapos Paulo Avelino! Oh san ka pa?

Graduate na tayo.”

This part is one of the best. Back when I was in UP, I was so eager to graduate already but when I was finally graduating I somehow felt that graduation rites wasn’t that a big deal anymore. It was just for formalities. But why do we still want to take that march? Because of our parents. Wala lang ganun nafeel ko nun eh. It was a great feeling seeing your parents with proud faces during the graduation rites.

If you still haven’t watch this movie, here’s your chance!

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