How I Am Coping During Quarantine

We are currently entering 8th month on quarantine. Though it’s much more lenient now than seven months ago, it’s still a worry to be spontaneous with the travels and outings. If you live in the Philippines, it’s double the worry. How I survived the past months and surviving the present still got me mind blown.

No joke. I hate it here.

The lack of pandemic response and all the political BS in this country added to the stress of being confined inside of our condo for 8 months. I have already done everything that can distract me or pass the time.

I guess it was a good thing though. I have accommodated a lot of commissions and even sold my first sticker set. But as I said, all distraction was exhausted so I just snapped.

Anyway, for the past month I have only been talking to limited people via messaging apps (my parents, my bestfriend and online shopping delivery rider HAHAHA) and only ever active in twitter. My instagram account kind of just an archive for my sunset photo collections now. I also revamped this blog site for a new look and feel. Ha! I’ve got a lot of time no?

I’m so close to flipping the table though. Good thing I’ve got work and, yeah, work.

But I guess that’s just what we could do this time. I just hope this whole pandemic end already. I miss hanging out with people too, ya know? If this will go on longer I think won’t know how to talk to people any longer. Anyway, I hope everyone is safe. Wash your hands and stay safe!

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