#KATVENTURES2018: DPR LIVE CTYL Tour in Kuala Lumpur

A semi-impromptu weekend trip with my cousin and sister just to watch DPR Live and catch Christian Yu (my cousin’s super crush) full of bathroom dash, night strolls, and a good case of fangirling. One of an example of “saan aabot ang pag-fa-fangirl mo?”

This wasn’t supposed to be part of my 2018 itineraries. My 2018 alone from January to November have been packed with both local and overseas trip, not to mention a lot of KPOP concerts too.

So for December, besides the yearly holiday celebrations, we started the month with a trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for DPR Live: CTYL World Tour. Since there was no Manila stop for the tour, the next nearest one from the Philippines was Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. And KL stop was the closest we can get for a weekend timeslot so we immediately purchased two VIP tickets with a Meet and Greet/Photo pass. Now, I mentioned that we were with my sister right? Originally, she wasn’t supposed to join but when I came back from my Jeju trip two weeks from our trip to KL, the two told me that my sister was gonna join. However, since it’s a little close to the event, she wasn’t able to purchase a VIP ticket.

My cousin flew first Wednesday that week to Singapore since we planned to just meet in the hotel in KL on Saturday that week. Me and my sister’s flight was on a Friday night because we couldn’t skip the work that week. It was a semi-impromptu trip and we can only stay for 2 days and 1 night so all I had was 3 pieces of clothes that fit in my Jansport backpack.

Funny thing was I remembered getting caught by my manager printing our flight tickets in the office and when he saw my tickets he was like, “San ka na naman pupuntang bruha ka?” HAHAHA I was laughing for hours because I was telling him it’s just an overnight trip and I’ll come to work on Monday.


Now here’s a funny thing that happened. When we arrived, it was still five in the morning but we immediately rode a bus to KL Sentral. The bus shuttles are at the basement part of the airport. It will take you directly to KL Sentral. KL Sentral is like the main station for MTR or Malaysian train system. Since we are still sleepy from the flight we decided to have a coffee and breakfast in Mcdonalds. KL Sentral is full of restuarants too so it was just convenient before your commute.

It wasn’t crowded at the time we rode the train. However when we arrived at the hotel— Simms Grand Inn—we have pencil booked via Booking.com and was about to book, we were advised to change location because there will be protest in the area by afternoon and it’s dangerous to come out. So we hurriedly booked their sister inn, Simms Boutique Hotel in Bukit Bintang which is convenient since it’s near the concert venue. The attendant was kind enough to help us relocate while we wait for our cousin to arrive.

KL Pavilion

After we settled in our hotel, we started to prepare for the event later the day. Around lunch, we decided to go to KL Pavilion to dine in Aori Ramen, BIGBANG’s Seungri’s ramen shop and some malling. And I’m not kidding when I say that Aori Ramen is one of the best ramen I have tasted in my life along with Japan’s Ichiran and Afuri. We just strolled for the good part of the afternoon before we decided to head early to the concert venue.

DPR LIVE: CTYL World Tour in KL

I HUGGED DABIN OH MY GAD. Excuse my squeal. He was such an adorable and kind guy. The waiting game before the event was around 3 hourss and with some delays but it was worth it though. We snugged the barricade part, well kind of 2nd row, but nevertheless we are in the front!

There was a meet and greet after the photoop. It was the whole crew in the stage answering questions from the one we wrote in the paper while in the line. It was an exclusive part since there were strictly no recording of sort. The experience was so lit! I enjoyed every bit of it. It was unlike my other KPOP concert experience and I will always treasure this in my heart.


KL is also a wonderful place. Though there are some times that it’s uncomfortable to stroll at night especially for three foreigner girls. I just forgot the name of the street where there are lots of restaurants and we ate at one named Gravy Baby. Since we have still a lot of pumped up energy we stroll until we reached Petronas Tower before heading back to the hotel.


For our last day, we decided to skip the Batu Cave itinerary and just hang out in KL TREC which YG Republique is located. We are all YG stans so we are just excited to see how it is there and especially see GDRAGON, Sandara, and iKON’s signatures in the walls of the restaurant.

Our flight was at 9 in the evening and after our lunch in KL TREC we rode again back to Sentral KL and rode a bus that will take us to the airport.

And that’s how our KL overnight trip went. Phew~
To see how we really enjoyed this trip, you can watch our VLOG for KL here:

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