2021 Life ON FILM

New Year, new normal. I live in the Philippines so I guess I still have to wait for a loooong time for everything to settle in our country. Anyway, since it’s still not COVID free here and our ‘ganaps’ are still limited, I figured to enjoy the quarantine habait and make some documentations out of my ordinary days in [K]TV: Ordinary Days inspired from Korean vlog aesthetics!

First episode is about my weekday. Snippets of my work routine and shenanigans. First episode is up in youtube!

2 responses to “2021 Life ON FILM”

  1. omg. parang ako lang din. breakfast, lunch halos sa workstation na kumakain. hahahahaah. ay, hello! 🙂

    1. yung sa space ko na talaga umikot buong 2020 ko lol hiii! sorry ngayon ko lang nakita ung comments.

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