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Day 70: Orange Chicken

Craving some Panda Express goodness but ECQ? Here’s a recipe of Panda Express’ Orange chicken to save some tummys. 🙂

Day 63: Creamy Chicken Pastel

Yep, we’re on day 63 of quarantine but still no mass testing is deployed. So we rot in our houses trying to be #cookerist until our government decided to drop their incompetencies. Anyway, my cousin decided to try Creamy Chicken Pastel to add to our variety of ECQ lunches and here’s how it turned out! […]

Day 28: Mama’s Laing Recipe

Day 28th of quarantine and we are about to blow craving for some Bicolano dishes. So I bought some taro leaves and coconut milk and called my momma for an SOS to guide me with her Laing recipe. Sous-chef Kat here we go!~

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